Blackridge Announces the investment into new tech startup Their Next Home, LLC

October 25 2021
Blackridge has joined other investors in the first round of funding for tech startup, Their Next Home LLC. TNH focuses on search for senior living homes within the United States and other countries as well. "We are excited to be apart of this team", says Blackridge CEO Cortney Davis.

Blackridge Announces creation of New Venture Capital Firm, Seneca Village Capital Partners, LLC

October 8 2021
Today, Blackridge charts on a growth path in the venture capital space by creating Seneca Village Capital Partners (SVCP), a Mississippi based firm. This firm is focused on creating returns for investors by investing in minority lead tech startups. Founded by Cortney Davis, also Founder and CEO of Blackridge Holdings Co. 

Blackridge Healthcare Solutions Announces New Partnership with S.A.G

March 8 2021
Blackridge Healthcare Solutions partners with S.A.G to introduce new products and services for the healthcare industry. BHS and SAG are focused on revenue creation for hopsital systems that has income exceeding $200 million or more. 

Metropolitan Solar merges with Greenstone Energy, LLC both Blackridge subsidiaries.

January 4 2021
Metropolitan Solar, a turnkey green energy solutions company merges with GreenStone Energy that offers LED Lighting solutions to commercial customers. Now GreenStone offers solar, lighting and other green energy products and services. Also, GSE has signed a new deal with a Mississippi based supplier as well.